Why Living the Change?

Why Living the Change?

Living the Change emerged in response to the urgency of climate change. Living The Change (LTC) raises consciousness about both the challenges and transformative potentials of Climate Change and raises awareness of its complexities and possible responses to it.

We do this by initiating, supporting and facilitating dialogues and collaborations between the general public and Berkshire institutions, especially in the arts, the new economy, spirituality and social change, as well as politics.

We aim to find creative ways to inform, educate, raise consciousness, initiate dialogue and create positive spaces where people, from all different backgrounds and orientations can feel included, free to be unsure and to ask questions together in the spirit of finding out what is asked of us.

We wish to foster deep, wholesome and creative relationships among humans, other living creatures and the planet. We embrace approaches and solutions that are creative, inclusive and imaginative.

We do all this in a spirit of celebration, appreciation and beauty that all life on this planet expresses and are excited to be a part of ‘the great turning’ of humanity toward a culture in harmony with the earth. This is what it means to be ‘Living the Change’.

Our mission is to address Climate Change and Climate Justice with urgency, hope and optimism primarily on a local level.