Ride a pebl or make a bag on May 13th…or….or….or

Ride a pebl or make a bag on May 13th…or….or….or


What’s a pebl?

It’s a hemp and resin based electric bicycle car – and someone should come up with a better description! These nifty little vehicles have been gaining popularity mainly in the cities. The first time I rode a pebble I felt like I was eight years old again. So did my husband. It was so much fun. We both just managed to fit into it at the same time – and we are both tall. Around town, 6-8 shopping bags can fit into the back as well as two small children.

Unbelievably, through the generosity of a supporter of our work at Living the Change Berkshires, I was able to order a pebl for us. We will use it to promote awareness of climate change in the Berkshires. This kind of product is a small example of the creativity that the pressures of climate change are bringing forth. And the BEAT Spring Fair will be the pebl’s Berkshire debut. If you are 16 years or older, you can take it for a ride.

There will be a lot of other fun, informative and inspiring things to do at the fair:

Take a hike with an experienced guide from BEAT, enjoy the works of loved local artists. Make your own reusable shopping bag with the Bagshare project. Their goal is to make 8400 shopping bags out of bird feed or seed-bags, each of them substituting for 33 single-use plastic bags.

We will keep posting more about everything that will happen at the fair here in the following weeks.