On April 21st, 2018 we hosted our third yearly climate and environmental action event, now called the 2018 Berkshire Earth Expo, Environmental Action Fair in collaboration  with BEAT – Berkshire Environmental Action Team.

It was an amazing, educational, moving and energizing event: vendors, exhibits, workshops, speakers, fun games and art-making for kids, poetry readings, art show, music and much more…attended by over 500 people.

Leading up to the EXPO we hosted these events, all held at the Stationery Factory in Dalton:

 – a community workshop ‘My Letter to the Earth” with Jana Laiz from 1.30pm to 3.30pm    – Art-Expo opening from 4pm to 7pm

 – a community conversation with renowned climate scientist Michael Mann 

 – a writing workshop with Jennifer Browdy 

 – a movie night and Puerto Rico Fundraiser “Time to Choose” 

See here for detailed descriptions!


In 2017, instead of staging our own Climate and Activism Fair, Living the Change Berkshires will spotlight the issue of Climate Change at the BEAT Spring Enviro Action Fair and Expo on May 13th.

This event, a fundraiser for BEAT, revolved around wildlife and nature, protecting the earth, living sustainably, farming and gardening, climate action, clean energy and more.

Living the Change Berkshires presented:

  • The Tree of Hope (see its page for more information)
  • A poetry and spoken word performance with wordxword at 3pm
  • Rides on the PEBL, the coolest velo-car you’ve ever seen
  • Appearances by the “Climate Doctor”
  • “Ice and the Sky” Documentary at 7pm
  • Solar companies and many other vendors and exhibitors working in inspiring ways to protect and heal our climate and the earth.

All this alongside many vendors and artists whose work reflects the values inherent in BEAT’s mission: to inform and engage people to protect the environment for wildlife. Many other family-friendly activities, games, guided hikes and kids’ crafts make this a big celebration of nature and humans who love it.


The first Berkshire climate and sustainability fair entitled LIVING THE CHANGE happened
in May 2016 at the Shire City Sanctuary in Pittsfield.

It featured a full day of activities, including vendor and non-profit booths, community dialogue sessions, youth and children’s art and activities, music, food, the movie “This Changes Everything”, by Naomi Klein, and a dance party at night.

The LIVING THE CHANGE FAIR was a major celebration of the growing community and positive momentum of Berkshire County’s climate action network, 350Mass Berkshires, the Berkshire Environmental Action Team (BEAT) and all the environmental organizations, activists, sustainable businesses, individuals, and volunteers who give their time and energy to address the planetary challenge of climate change and make the Berkshires a healthier, more just and sustainable community.