In 2022 and 2023 Living the Change Berkshires partnered with Pittsfield Public Schools to elevate young people’s voices and climate actions. A report and photos of the 2022 event can be found on the website of Cooler Communities, who supported these events with school grants and student stipends.

For five years, the Berkshire Earth Expo has been a meeting place to learn about
climate, energy and conservation related topics, to celebrate nature’s beauty,
to take action, and to inspire each other through our care. 

This year, because of COVID-19, we are collaborating with Berkshire Museum in holding the 5th Annual Berkshire Earth Expo online.

From November 1—14, 2020, Berkshire Museum will host a wide variety of exhibits and interactive programs on its website, for example, a juried art show called “How Shall We Live?” – Climate Visions of Berkshire Youth Artists, podcasts about Berkshire students’ work to protect nature, poetry readings, and several workshops and webinars on climate solutions.

Courtesy of the Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation ener-G-save’s program, participating students receive mini-grants for their projects.

Another key feature of the Berkshire Earth Expo is the Cooler Communities Action Platform, a virtual place where Expo visitors can take action, no matter their age, background, or pocketbook. During the virtual two-week event, participants from across Berkshire County will join in from their homes, schools, and offices and together will channel their inspiration and concern for the Earth and their local communities into measurable actions. They can browse and learn about the many actions available, create a profile and pledge one or more actions that are a good fit for them. The platform will compile all of the individual pledges to allow the whole community to see it’s collective impact. 

The Berkshire Earth Expo will present a number of ongoing activities, exhibits, and live streaming events, listed below. Full details will be available online on the co-hosts websites at and and on the event Facebook page. And visit the EVENTS page on the Cooler Communities Action Platform for events details and registration.

As we experience the Expo together from our homes, schools, and offices across Berkshire County, we will channel our inspiration, concern and care into ACTION and CONNECTION.

Learning, listening and acting together
helps make our community stronger.

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The activities below have been confirmed.
The exact schedule for the full two-week Expo is coming soon! 


  • Cooler Communities Action Platform
  • Juried Art Show “How Shall We Live?” Climate Visions of Berkshire Youth Artists
  • Podcasts: Six Berkshire students present their work on protecting the Earth
  • En-Roads Climate Solution Simulator – an interactive webinar
  • Center for Eco Technology (CET): DIY workshop on weatherproofing your home
  • CET: Reclaimed Building Materials: a webinar on using reclaimed materials for building and  remodeling, including deconstruction for reuse.
  • Singer/ Songwriter Fiora Laina
  • Daily on Facebook: Young Voices for the Planet – a series of short films
  • Berkshire Environmental Action Team: Shaving the Peak  – a webinar
  • Berkshire Environmental Action Team: Home Energy Efficiency: Offers for homes and businesses to save on  bills – a webinar
  • November 1, 6:30 pm — Community Conversation on Environmental Justice
  • November 8, 4:00 pm — En-Roads Climate Solution Simulator – an interactive webinar
  • November 9, 8:00 pm — WordXWord poetry and spoken word, recorded and live event.
  • More exciting events to be announced!

Want to get more involved?