The 2019 Berkshire Earth Expo is currently in the planning phase. We are thrilled to be working on a new format:

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The template for our Cooler Berkshires Earth Expo (working title) is based on a model called Cooler Concord, a project of 5 schools in Concord, MA. As part of existing curriculum requirements, students will create climate and energy efficiency-related exhibits: from displays about home energy efficiency and composting to writing letters to the editors and posters in art class – all to be exhibited at a district-wide fair.

Schools are financially incentivized to motivate parents to come to the event. Visitors (in Concord’s case, 1000 parents) then pledge actions to reduce carbon emissions, the savings for which were calculated and tracked. The project will be bolstered by a website that serves as a portal for the community to learn about and improve their carbon footprint.

Our goal is to empower and celebrate young people’s contribution to energy and climate-related initiatives. Students will experience the difference they can make in their community while facilitating real savings for families and their town.

A current outline follows and  is still very open to input and feed-back from teachers and school officials.

The Cooler Community Earth Expo is a project of Living the Change Berkshires and our partners. We care about and addresses energy waste and climate change on a local level.

Our program empowers and celebrates young people’s contribution to energy and climate related topics and strengthens their understanding of and involvement in related civic engagement.

We do this by showcasing energy and climate related work that is part of class curriculums (and might already be happening in classrooms in our schools) as a way to stimulate ongoing engagement.

Through fairs, exhibits, and a website, we bring the community together to learn about the many ways in which we all can make a difference and even save money in the process. Individuals/parents’ pledges to save energy in multiple ways are followed up on formally, leading to measurable results our community can be proud of.

Student- or teacher-led exhibits at the fair can include and are not limited to:


– ecology/ science of eco-systems (Audubon?)

– the science of climate change and human contributions

– species protection/ impact on wildlife and bio-diversity (Audubon?)

Political / Civic

– lobbying, letters to the editor, press releases

– economy

Home and/ or school energy use and behavior[UN1]

  • energy efficiency

– heating

– electricity

– renewables

– recycling


–      composting and food waste

–      carbon friendly diet and food preparation

Travel Choices

Climate Friendly Shopping

  • Plastic and Packaging
  • Buying less, re-use, re-purpose

Human Resilience

  • Community building
  • Communication Skills, Dialogue practice
  • Adaptability/ Preparedness