Scientist have been telling the world for over 50 years that humans are impacting the world’s climate. Though it may be hard to imagine that we could be that powerful, and difficult to understand the exact facts and prognosis, most people in the Berkshires are very concerned about climate change.

The image to the left from our survey in the summer of 2016 shows this clearly.

As we try to find our way and face into this crisis of a scale humanity has never had to face, we can feel frightened, depressed or paralyzed. At the same time, every big challenge has forced human beings to stretch and grow, every challenge brought with it new possibilities.

Living the Change seeks out these possibilities in new ways of thinking, looks for new ways of doing things, new ways of participating in society and of people connecting with each other.

In many ways, humanity is still a young species. If likened to a single human being, it is more like a teenager or very young adult rather than a toddler, a mature adult or elder. There is still a lot of room for growth, development and maturing.

Living the Change Berkshires is part of this growth and change. We support and collaborate with Berkshire activists, celebrate our shared successes, welcome the opportunity to reach beyond what is familiar and comfortable and find ways in which to embrace all people, as we face the future together with intelligence and heart.

Our mission is to address Climate Change and Climate Justice with urgency, creativity, hope and optimism primarily on a local level.

Survey results from August 2016: What do you feel would be the best way to address climate change?

Alternative Energy 0%
Planting Trees & Agriculture 0%
Electric Cars/Alternative Transportation 0%
Insulating Homes 0%
Taxing Carbon 0%