A Tree of Hope

A Tree of Hope

What gives you hope in the face of climate change?

This Tree of Hope is part of an ongoing conversation in our community about Climate Change.

Even though many of us do not know a whole lot about the exact science and impact of climate change, it can seem overwhelming, frightening or depressing.

Climate Change indeed is and will be a big challenge for all of us – human and all other living beings. And like any challenge, it also offers new opportunities and reasons for hope.

People of all ages are expressing their hopes in the face of climate change on the leaves of this tree.

These and other branches on display at the harvest of Hope Festival in October and now around libraries in the county will make up a large Tree of Hope to be shown at the Pittsfield Festival of Trees from November 18th until December 30th.

Facing into a big challenge and its opportunities together makes us a stronger community.